Tristan Cartage


Our Services

Why do we exist?
Because drivers are rare and tractors are expensive.

Our Customer: For-hire carriers (all sizes), third-party logistics companies, private carriers, retailers, manufacturers, and distributors.

Our Territory: Quebec and Ontario (based in the Province of Quebec). For any other needs, please contact us.

Competitive Advantage: Our extensive network of strategically located terminals (over 4 terminals in the Province of Quebec and 3 terminals in Ontario) translates into competitive rates in the local and regional market.


·         Tractor, including tractor maintenance costs
·         Driver (Class 1)
·         Professional driver training, if specific training is required please advise
·         Fuel (plus fuel surcharge)
·         Insurance
·         Required license plate and operating permits


·         Tolls
·         Ferry
·         Special tools and equipment, if required
·         Any other items not found in the inclusions

Power-Only Provides the Solutions:

·         Dry Van
·         Drayage
·         Reefer
·         Tandem axle, Tri-axle, Four-axle
·         Hazmat (most classes)
·         For any other needs, please contact us

Other Services through our Network:

·         Warehousing (over 35,000 sq ft)
·         Cross-docking (several locations available)
·         Long-distance service
·         Maintenance and repair centers (over 5 locations in Quebec)
·         Mobile repair units
·         Towing unit
·         Dedicated shunting services at your terminal




3950 Rue Hickmore, Suite 105
Saint-Laurent, QC, H4T 1K2


514.316.2626     |
105-3950 Rue Hickmore, Saint-Laurent, QC, H4T 1K2